Something SUPER quick to start my channel off! Longer and more high quality projects definitely up and coming. Watch, comment, like, subscribe. Much appreciated bruhhhs.

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College: Mike James (Lamar) packs the alley-oop slam on the defender from Ohio University.


Video via Ballin’ Is A Habit.



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The Wait till December

Finally submitted. I was happy. Then I realized I wasn’t actually in college yet lol.

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I have such bad luck.

I always getting up some injury before every dance performance and I just have to fight through it. It’s so annoying. I don’t even know why. Dumb ass shoulder sprain. 

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My Beard

I love my beard, aka my Man-Scruff. Today I tamed it by trimming it a little and now you can call it Sleek Man-Scruff. Also, those razors barbers use to shave beards are awesome. One day I am gonna ask him to use the razor and I’m gonna feel fuckin’ fantastic.

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